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D2NT Scripts - Not Created by me or any member of Res, be sure to apply the correct modifications and adjust only what you are directed to, otherwise risk faulty behavior in the bot that could result in permanent loss of items or characters.

NOTE: These are links to scripts, and may be subject to *page not found* ect if this is discovered, send me a post via the message box at the bottom of  the *HOME* tab.

-------------D2NT Bots-------------

Andy Door Trick

Anya Claw Bot

Baal Leech Bot

Baal and Diablo Leech Fighter for Baal Leech Bot (above)

Baal Leech Bot Combat Addon

Boss/Unique/Champion Rusher Scripts


Comprehensive Andariel Script

Comprehensive Meph Script 

Countess Tower armor/weapon rack script

Countess tower, kill all

Cow Script

Cow Leech Fight

Chaos Sanctuary (Diablo) v2.0


Dac Farren Extension

Dark Elder Script

Drifter Caverns (2 super chests)

Diablo Leech Bot

Diablo Script (Multi-Purpose)

Diablo Script to TP in Star

Eyeback Unleashed

Lower Kurast Super Chest script

Mephisto + Meph Council



Travincal W/o Enigma!

Trist Bot

Tal Tomb Chest Hunter

Worldstone, Kill all in 2,3

D2NT Addon Scripts (Used like a bot)

.nip Files Error Checker

Announcing next game in channel 

Automatic Channel Login

Display Crafted Items in Item Log

Early Ladder Picket

Fast Public Pickit

Full Rejuv priority

Item Logging with XML 3.0+

Join Channel + Type in Channel

Mephisto Armor/Weapon Rack

Use Mephisto's Red Portal Instead of TP

Pickit Location and iLVL Logging for all picked items

Pickit Location and iLVL Logging for only kept items

Precasting Skill on Weapon Switch

Quit on High Ping

Search Cold Plains and Blood Moor for exp shrine

Skip to next script while in game

Shrine catcher

Starter that joins public chaos/baal games

Weapon Swap for Teleporting/Moving

D2NT Char Configs

Add to "\D2NT\scripts\NTBot\char_configs" 

Amazon Script

Assassin Script (Trapper)

Find Item Barb Script

Necro Script w/ Revives

Necro Poison Script

Necro Summoner Script

Druid Script

Druid Pre-Casting